The JLP Show

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Band Members:

Boudy Boustany (Vocals)
Ramzi Ramman (Guitar/Vocals)
Ziad Ramman (Percussion)
Joe Mokbel (Bass)

Probably the best cover band in the world.

The JLP Show is a pop band, a rock band, and an ‘everything-in-between’ band; in their 8 years of playing together, they’ve steadily gained popularity and are now hailed as one of the most sought-after bands in the region.
The JLP Show’s success stems from their ability to perform in both the tiniest local pubs to the largest venues and still manage to deliver a full-impact performance without sacrifice. Between their unmatched stage presence, their ability to break-in the toughest crowds, their musicianship, and a witty sense of humor, The JLP Show is your all-you-can-eat entertainment buffet. Don’t fill up on the bread. (Other bands are the bread.)